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Why Choose Vertical Garden Company?

> Here each project is unique

This is the way that Vertical Garden has worked for more than 10 years. Offering the best in vertical gardens, which can be natural, artificial, preserved or moss. We work together with our clients sharing ideas and providing smart responses to custom solutions for each project. With our competency  we can bring life to a variety of spaces.

> Specialist in four types of Vertical Garden

The only company in the world Specialized in four types of  vertical gardens:

→Natural Hydroponic Vertical Garden

→ Moss Vertical Garden

→ Preserved Vertical Garden

→ Permantent Vertical Garden


>  International patent  and 15 years of Love and respect for nature

We're one of the pioneers in vertical gardens in Brazil and we bring to the USA all our technic, innovative and creative solutions. 

>  Full Service Company

Commited to Designing, Installing, and Servicng in Vertical Greenscapes


Living Wall Applications

Indoor applications are widely used in residential, retail, and office buildings worldwide. Sizes of installations vary from small to large, depending on available interior space, desired effect, and budget. Below are some examples of indoor living walls ranging in size.


Outdoor Living Wall applications range in size depending on microclimate, desired effect, available space, and budget. Below are some examples of exterior living walls ranging in size from modest to large. Outdoor living walls can add life and softness to otherwise hard and lifeless urban areas, advertise corporate brands, or reduce energy costs when used to envelop most of a high rise building.


VERTICAL GARDEN MIAMI BRANCH: 323 Sunny Isles BLVD, #708 Sunny Isles Beach, FL- 33160 


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Moss Vertical Garden
Moss vertical garden price

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