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Vertical Garden, Co. Moss Wall at the Campinas Decor trade show

Characteristics of Moss Wall

Musgo moss icone Greener spaces with more vitality

musgo moss preservado Made-to-measure

musgo moss icone Great variety of moss and lichen species adds visual interest

Moss Icone Works in a wide variety of interior spaces

 Ease of design and application

Moss CatalogoVariety of color options


Where Art, Nature, Architecture, and Design meet

Vertical Garden, Co. Moss Wall Panel



Vertical Garden, Co. Moss Wall at Casacor Minas

Benefits of Preserved Moss

 Resistent to interior climate conditions

 Zero maintenance and no irrigation

moss decor Long-lived

moss decor Easy installation

musgo moss Natural soundproofing

moss wall Pest-free


What is Preserved Moss?

Preserved Moss is a natural moss or lichen that has been put through a preservation process, which maintains its natural, organic form and texture, and at the same time dispenses with the need for irrigation and maintenance. Particularly prized for high-end interiors, preserved moss walls are increasingly valued in the design world.


Preserved Moss color palette

There are more than 10 colors of Preserved Moss available for use in your Vertical Gardens or personalized panels. Green walls don't necessarily have to be green!

About Vertical Garden, Co.

For over 10 years, Vertical Garden, Co. has been designing, installing, and maintaining green walls and traditional landscapes. We work in close partnership with our clients to ensure complete satisfaction and use only the highest quality systems and materials. Always seeking innovative and creative solutions to our clients' problems, we remain ever committed to providing beautiful, functional solutions.